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IT Department

Like other branches of the company, the IT department must acquire tools to optimize its operations by improving the quality of services provided to the company's business.


Internal billing of IT services

Reportive helps IT departments to implement an internal billing application of IT services. This production of invoice must eliminate risk during the process. In general, IT services are billed to clients through "work units" (WU).

Reportive application can handle:


  • The management of data from different sources of the information system
  • Treatments
  • Editing of pro forma invoice

The extreme flexibility of the tool allow generate from the same data cube to provide users with dynamic dashboards that allow parallel analysis.


Reportive helps IT departments to set up a service with added value for users. It helps them to:


  • optimize the use of existing data
  • improve access to data / information
  • integrate critical business data
  • reduce the risk of error by eliminating programming
  • minimize investment by using the existing infrastructure
  • standardize reporting by applying corporate templates automatically.

Ad hoc requests

Thanks to features such as composite objects, Reportive allows the IT Department to be truly reactive and to respond to specific ad hoc analysis requests. The reusability of composite objects allows to the team to capitalize on its expertise and to increase its productivity.

Data ownership

The Reportive solution is implemented according to company processes. The IT department retains control over access to corporate data and provides users with datasets from which they can create their own management dashboards and analyses. Business users have the possibility to easily add one or more data sources to suit their needs.

Costs reduction on infrastructure

Reportive makes it possible to implement an automated dashboard management solution with no data warehouse or server. Thanks to the savings achieved on infrastructure costs, the return on investment period can be as short as 7 months.