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The Business Intelligence Stack packaged for SME

Reportive offers a full packed solution to SME customers for their business effectiveness.

All decision support capabilities on one unique paltform

Reportive proposes a unique platform, Reportive Studio, to address the full chain of treatments to : 


  • extract data from various data sources
  • integrate and control the data quality
  • caculate kpi's
  • design and customize reports
  • automatically distribute reports
  • create and distribute local cubes

No heavy infrastructure

You just need a windows desktop to create your decision support environment.

Integrated data connectors will allow you to access most of data sources available. the integrated ETL will allowe you to mix heterogeneous data sources.


No complexe administration of the technical environment

Reportive plaform manages data in a proprietary and optimized data format, the user does not have to worry about database administration.


RAD: Rapid application Development

Reportive delivers high productivity for development and application maintenance thanks to"Zero code" philosophy, data lineage, step by step validation uaranteing the reliability of analyses and reporting.


Enterprise reporting






Reportive offers a unique solution to:

  • provide an operational view of the activity (mass reporting)
  • allow exploration and analysis of data (interactive multidimensional analysis)
  • provide a general overview of the company's business (composite indicators)