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Alcan Packaging

Using Reportive in the Finance & Financial Controlling department enables Alcan Packaging to adapt and automate its reports as new needs arise: changes in segmentation, in KPI definitions... Reportive turned out to be necessary for field teams to adopt the database, as it adapts to needs while guaranteeing professional-looking output.

Canal+ Distribution

The Customer Analysis and Performance Management team of Canal+ Distribution, leaders in the French market for Pay TV, uses Reportive in addition to its own classical analysis tools to automate the formatting of the main activity-tracking dashboards used by the Board of Directors and operational executives. "With Reportive, our analysts have been using for several years a solution that is both ergonomic and automated - and gives them responsiveness and productivity - somewhere between the 'all manual' and the 'industrial' solutions from the IT department that can only be implemented when the needs are long term needs". Bertrand Gayet, Marketing Department.

Catalina Marketing

Crouzet Automatismes


Ed wanted to automate the production of data in order to free up time for analysis. Reportive met the Group's expectations in terms of standardization and reliability of data extracted from multiple sources (AS 400, SAP, Excel, TM1) and in terms of productivity gains. The implementation of the solution was carried out in collaboration with Polarys, a company already working with Ed, who set up the Reportive solution to meet the project specifications. "With the help of Reportive and Polarys, we now have a reliable business intelligence tool that allows us to save time on production of data, and we can reallocate our resources to tasks with higher added value such as strategic analysis of data" said Khiem Nguyen, Accounting Director at Ed.

IER (Bollore Group)

The world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of printing terminals, electronic ticketing and boarding control of major rail, air and sea transport networks adopted the Reportive solution to manage the staff costs of its projects and to consolidate information following specific business rules.


With a Reportive-based solution, Itops has been able to respond more quickly to customer requests by reducing the time needed to deliver the right information. It was possible to set up a customer project in 2 and a half weeks instead of 6 weeks on a mainframe computer. The time needed to process the data decreased from 2 days on the mainframe to 55 minutes on a workstation.



Microsoft EMEA chose Reportive for the SMART (Strategic Market Analysis Report and Tools) project so as to get maximum benefit from the resources and investments in each country in the EMEA (Europe, Middle-East, Africa) zone - to refine its evolution strategy, taking multiple parameters into account.


RNP (Réseau National de Promotion), the French benchmark for POS (Point Of Sale) advertising in the pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical industry, uses Reportive to optimize both field teams incentives management indicators and campaigns summaries to advertisers. With Reportive, field teams have been able to refocus their activity on the customer, while a single research analyst produces summaries that have become, thanks to Reportive, more attractive, more relevant and responsive.