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Reportive Studio



Reportive Studio is a unique Business Intelligence (BI) platform designed to enable business experts to develop a complete data processing and information distribution chain without writing one single line of code.

Our platform provides a simple view of things:

  • transforming data step by step through easy-to-use interfaces,
  • view, validate and monitor transformations step by step,
  • make sure operations are repeatable - with one aim: automating production.

The figure below shows an overview of a Reportive Studio social report project. We can see from left to right how data is transformed (here from a single Microsoft Excel workbook), indicators being calculated, tables and charts being designed and assembled into reports in Excel, Word and Powerpoint formats, and then distributed in different formats.

                                                                      Reportive V9 interface


Each distribution element in this example generates over 200 social audit reports - for all companies in the dataset. The Reportive Studio interface makes it easy to understand the logic behind the transformation of a project and to implement controls at all key points. The knowledge that this represents can be reused in other projects simply by publishing a group of elements as a composite object. Your "workspace" is composed of projects that contain different processing flows. The whole set of projects has common libraries that allow users to share business rules.

Libraries are a key element for modelling business rules. All basic Reportive Studio elements can be used inside composite objects, then published to libraries.To protect your investment, you can password-protect your libraries so that users cannot view and/or modify their contents.

The workspace is a structure designed to organize your projects, data and libraries, and to make sure that all operations can be performed if you move the workspace to another hard drive or from one computer to another. All operations revolve around this organisational unit. Within a workspace, you can create one or more projects using the libraries and composite objects.