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Production Center




Reportive Studio offers you the opportunity to carry out in a very short time your analyses and especially to put up in record time a project designed to be automated. Indeed, over time, your increasing number of projects will mean that you will not be able to use the Windows scheduler anymore, or even use just one workstation to run your productions.

To meet your growing needs and allow your users to receive their data or documents for fast and effective decision making, Reportive designed the Reportive Production Center platform.


This infrastructure is very easy to set up. At least two computers are required to create a production cluster.




The first workstation, called the Central workstation, plans your tasks and helps you refine their trigger conditions (end of datamart update, end of another production, every Monday, last day of each month...). The various workspaces are stored either on this machine or on a network (file server, NAS, SAN...). This machine also monitors the machines in the cluster and distributes production workloads between all available production nodes.

The second machine, called a production node, carries out the tasks ordered by the Central workstation. The efficiency of the cluster depends on the number and performance of production nodes. It is not recommended to use virtual machines in this context, but their use is nevertheless supported when the virtual machines are hosted on different physical machines. Like any cluster, all machines must be configured in the same way (OS, version of Office, drivers, disk space, memory...).