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Reportive Data Analyzer



Reportive Studio is a Business Intelligence (BI) platform that delivers "pixel perfect" static reports or reports that include pivot tables. With its version 9, Reportive has introduced a new suite, Reportive Data Analyzer, which enhances the Reportive Studio package by integrating the following features:


  • Allow dynamic calculation of the report based on filter criteria,

  • Allow users to "drill" in the data (drill up, drill down) throughout the report simply so as to explore the details

  • Allowing the distribution of customized reports,

  • Support extreme volumes of data (case study with 800 million lines of data per month, with a 24-month history to analyse, i.e. roughly 20 billion lines of data)

  • Authorize the report designer to define in a simple way custom formulas, consolidations, renaming, conditional formats ...

  • Design a product that is accessible to business experts without any need to learn MDX to query the cube.

Taking into account all of these needs has led us to choose the Microsoft SQLServer Analysis Services technology. You should see the cube as the answers to all the questions you're asking yourself. The scope that this covers implies that all answers are not precomputed. You will need to ask questions as precise as possible so as to limit the calculations triggered by server.

The Reportive Data Analyzer package supports different types of cubes:

  • Local: generated by Reportive Studio or by a third-party tool,

  • Server: local Microsoft SQLServer Analysis Services Server (2005/2008/2008R2),

  • Internet (http, https): this requires configuring Microsoft Internet Information Services to be able to access the server,

  • PowerPivot: Microsoft PowerPivot technology allows users to mix different data sources in a Microsoft Excel 2010 workbook and to publish it on the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 portal. The workbook can then be used as a data source for Reportive Designer/Analyzer.

Reportive Designer also allows users to export an "Analyzer package" that contains the report, its dependencies (logo, images ...) and the local cube and then send it to the recipients. Unlike Reportive Studio, Designer does not require the Microsoft Office suite.


The product is 100% .NET and based on Microsoft's WPF technology, as well as on the "Microsoft Analysis Services 2008 OLE DB for OLAP" and "Microsoft ADOMD.Net Client Programming" drivers. It can harness the power of the Microsoft platform to produce high-quality, efficient analysis reports.