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Following the initial training course followed by the client, it is often recommended to be accompanied when starting a project to take benefit of the support and experience of a consultant.

Offer you assistance and technical support tailored to your needs


The Professional Services department aims to define and support the implementation of a Reportive's solution.
Reportive's team has the resources and know-how to help you learn faster and better use Reportive's solutions.
Working closely with the development teams, the consultant will ensure the use of the latest and most appropriate technology to your context.
In addition, the consulting team develops methodologies complementary to the product offering and can ensure you an optimal implementation of the proposed solution. These methodologies are the result of know-how and experience capitalization on all our client projects.


Nature of proposed services


The Professional Services department provides you with technical assistance, often beneficial early in the project and ensure a skill transfer to your teams.
In addition, it can help you establish a project structure and implement the project management or project monitoring.
Among the various services it performs, we can mention:


  • Studies,

  • Diagnostics

  • Consultancy methodology

  • Development of specifications,

  • Assistance in project management,

  • Project monitoring,

  • Assistance to development,

  • Skills transfer